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Upon entering the game, you choose your character will move around the poker table located in the middle of a Wild West saloon! For beginners, an animated tutorial will explain how the game here, from the beginning, personal card are five in number.

First, a first round of betting until equal bets, then you can ask to replace your cards to get the best hand and continue the game!

The graphic style of play is similar to Good Poker great animated films of Walt Disney. All the characters look like cartoon characters equipped with various expressions as original. This would be impossible if you did not have the means to buy and thus make money. Poker is here your greatest ally as many tournaments are held in "saloons" of the region.

Technically, the game 'Governor of Poker "could challenge other famous poker games because it is very well designed graphically. It is a pleasure to play. In addition, you are free to enlarge the size of the game to fill the entire screen. A true atmosphere of Far West on the screen!

The poker games are played in casinos around the world. There are variables that casino games are played by many people in real time casinos and online casinos. The variable option available games in the poker game rules similar and different. In fact,

The online casino and land based casino offers both all kinds of poker games. We can never get bored of poker because the number of variable option in this game is great. Texas Hold'em is usually played between three to 10 players. Considering that each player receives two cards, the player bets on consecutive laps.

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