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Everything changed for the world of blackjack successively with "Blackjack Teams". Roger Baldwin wrote in 1956 ".

The optimum strategy in blackjack" who proposed an optimal way to play blackjack based on a mathematical study. The problem for casinos is that by applying this method, the casino's advantage had increased to below 1%.

Nothing managed to casinos in 1962 when Edward Thorp published his book "Beat the Dealer" which was the extension of this study and complex mathematical blackjack in order to earn as much money and maximum times. Some online casinos http://www.netentcasino.org/netent-no-deposit-bonus have been forced to change their rules for example using several card games. Since then there has been a real struggle between the blackjack players and casinos. The MIT Blackjack teams are an application of these books fed own research which could amount to a cheat because they were acting in groups by counting cards and win millions.

With the advent of computers, yet many techniques have been developed more sophisticated even to the point of cheating as the famous case of Ken Sutton, who placed five computers in his shoes to count cards and ness statistics. He pocketed more than one hundred thousand dollars before getting caught by the security of a casino in Las Vegas.

According to the FBI, it would not be cheating since computers operating on a public information (and therefore accessible to everyone). But it was not the opinion of the casinos that banished him by putting him on their blacklist. Ken Sutton launched actions in justice, but his body was found in an apartment in Paris without one never discovers why.

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