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Video Poker Games to enjoy on your mobile device

Video poker is a popular casino game which brings into combination poker and slot games. This is a poker game which is played on a similar machine to that of slots. This game aims at producing the best 5-card hand.

Playing video poker form your mobile device is a great deal because of the convenience and the ease to play the games as they are different from the PC and land based casino games. This has been due to the popularity o smartphones. These include; iOS powered devices, Android, windows and blackberry smartphones. Currently, you will realize that there are fewer mobile games compared to online casinos but this is because this section of the industry is still young but the developers are having sleepless nights developing new games for the sector.

We have a great section for you where you could enjoy multiple video poker games and in various variations. Follow this link to learn more on these casinointeraction.ca/mobile-gambling.html.

Some of the Video poker Games available on your mobile device

Jacks or Better Video Poker Game

This game on your mobile device will come thick and fast which gives you the chance to build hands and win quickly. In this game, you have no competitors thus your payouts will be fixed with regard to your hand and the bet amount you place. A pair of jacks will always payout. When playing each game, you need to set the bet level which will be dealt five cars and one to exchange either all five or none of the cards. Trust me, you will love this game, get your mobile device and download the game to try it out.

Aces and Eights Video Poker Game

This is a game you will catch on Microgaming mobile casinos. This single deck 52-card game has an exciting jackpot which makes your winning chances better and will offer you with impressive graphics, substantial pay tables and simple game-play mechanics.

Deuces Wild Video Poker Game

This is the second edition of Microgaming’s mobile video poker. This game brings to play the concept of multi-level poker. This game revolves around progressing from one level to another where you need to secure winnings by having a stronger hand. When you progress in the game to higher levels, the more the rewards you’re bound to get more rewards which could get up to 60, 000.

These and many more video poker mobile games will be in your reach if you choose to play video poker games from your mobile device.

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